Restaurante Zaldiaran

Tasting menu

Ours Appetizers

Black olive cupcake with country cheese and tomato jelly

Airbag of bonito, pizarra and anchovy (The joy of the garden)

Fried waffle with avocado, smoked sardine and caramelized onion

The dishes

Countess of white asparagus with truffle mayonnaise

Beetroot tartare in textures

Artichoke flower with Iberian veil and egg yolk

Strudel of celery, pear, scallop and pistachio cream

Peeled broad beans with confit cod tripe and jelly of leeks

Crunchy tail in its juice, mustard and vegetables

The Sweets

Pre-dessert: Creamy avocado, forest essence and lemon

Dessert: Frozen rock of dark chocolate, saffron foam, bergamot and crunchy peanuts

Price per person 78 €

TAXES included

Wines, mineral water and coif not included
If you have any allergies or intolerance, ask us for the allergen latter